Youths recklessness with Music

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Youths recklessness with Music

I know that the youth of Shillong love their music – a testament to that being that any one of them seldom lacks a set of earphones in their vicinity at all times – but I think it has gotten out of hand in recent times. I’m not saying that they shouldn’t enjoy their music, they have every right to do so, but some of them should really watch where they’re going while walking in the streets – and listening to music through said earphones, of course – because I’ve seen too many a times – especially on the way to and fro from college – that some miss getting hit by a vehicle by a hair’s breadth.
When night falls it is a different story. The earphones are given a rest for some and they get into their cars and decide to share their love of music to passersby’s whether they want to hear it or not. Even pass midnight, they lack the common decency and respect to people who are trying to sleep and blast their music so loud that even the windows literally vibrate.
These few lacking in civil sense are giving the youth of Shillong a bad reputation. And yet so many of the same want respect. Well, all I can say is, you get what you give and if they want to be respected and be treated like mature individuals, and then perhaps they can try showing some respect to themselves and to the society.

Aimesha Kurbah Mawlong.
Santa Maria, Mawkhar Main Road,
Shillong – 793001.


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