Youth organizations from Assam, Meghalaya to purse inter – state border

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Staff Reporter
Irked over the careless approach of both Assam and Meghalaya government to solve the long pending issue of inter-state boundary dispute, student’s body of both Assam and Meghalaya respectively, on Thursday said that they would pursue the issue with their respective state governments to end the crisis.
Speaking to reporters here, KSU president, Daniel Khyriem said, “AASU have expressed their willingness to put pressure on the Assam government to solve the long pending border dispute between the two states.”
“Both the students bodies of Assam and Meghalaya have decided to air their grievances and the end the crisis after realizing that the people who were alleged pushed by Assam to the border were non-indigenous Assamese,” Khyriem said.
Mentionably, Assam and Meghalaya have 12 areas of differences and concern along the inter-state border, after the matter got worse in May 2010, where four youths from Langpih were shot dead by Assam police.


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