Who is Sainkupar Nongtraw

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As Meghalayans living in Delhi most of us have been keeping a close track of developments in Meghalaya, especially the ongoing ridiculous agitation over an outdated colonial law known as the ILP. The HNLC bandh call for the 23rd of Dec came as a rude shock to one and all as our hearts went out to near and dear ones in Meghalaya whose festive mood was spoiled by such opportunists.

The response of the general public of Shillong therefore came as a breath of fresh air. It lifted the sadness that lay heavy in our souls.  No! No! Let me try and rephrase that statement. Everyone had by now become totally fed up with the whole thing. The road blockades, the office picketing, the bandhs and the latest HNLC attempt to disrupt this year’s Christmas cheer, is the last straw on the camel’s back. The people of Shillong have woken up to the danger. The time has come to ask ourselves a question that all wants to know. Who is this Sainkupar Nongtraw? He is in Meghalaya or in Babgladesh?  Is there really such a guy or is he just a creation of the local press?
According to central intelligence agencies the strength of the HNLC has gone down to 10 or 11 only. Except for three in the high command who have flourishing business, all the others are living a hand to mouth existence. Four are in West Khasi Hills, Meghalaya while the rest are in Bangladesh. The ILP agitation and the attempt of some pro ILP leaders to seek support of the ‘Saw Dak’ has come as life saver for the banned outfit. HNLC is now riding piggy back on ILP bandwagon. Sainkupar Nongtraw is now making hay while the sun shines. Indian spooks have identified the fellow as a Khasi Islamist from Syllhet in Bangladesh whose real name is Ishmail Ali Jung. Educated no doubt, but doubtful if his allegiance is to the causes of Tribal Meghalaya. He is not managed by the chiefs of the HNLC but by new masters- ISI controlled fundamentalists. Makes a lot of sense, especially his uncalled for remark of supremacy of jaitbynriew over religion. It was an unnecessary and needless comparison. It was meant to divide not unite the jaitbynriew.  No genuine Khasi would have made it but of course there are diehards who will pooh pooh these glaring facts.
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