Whitecross to perform in Shillong today

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SHILLONG, April 14: American Christian metal band Whitecross arrived in Shillong on the eve of their performance at Polo ground.

The band from Illinois is set to perform as the headliner of a free concert organized by the Global Mission Factor Association (GMFA) on Sunday which will also feature host band, ‘The Shillong Gospelers’.

Organized by the Global Mission Factor Association (GMFA), the entry for the musical concert is free. The concert will also feature host band, ‘The Shillong Gospelers’.

“We want to bring a message of hope and peace to the people and tell them that you can have a new life starting right now in Christ,” Carroll said here on Saturday.

“The focus of our band from the beginning has always had a very strong element of wanting to bring a message to the world that there is hope for you and no matter how  bad you have messed up… you can start a fresh life, you can make a change and have peace with God,” he said.

The band had won three Dove Awards in the 1990s and its latest album is ‘Nineteen Eighty Seven’ was released in 2005.

Apart from being known for their loud music, Whitecross stands out among the gospel music world because of their outstanding lyrics which are firmly based on the Bible which made them all the more appealing to the Christians. One of the band’s many hits is the song ‘No Second Chances’ which is based on the parable of ‘The Rich Man and Lazarus’, in Luke 16.

Carroll said during the 2-hour show the band will perform their hit songs like In The Kingdom, Simple Man, and others.

Caroll said that God is the main inspiration behind their music though metal is perceived by many as dark.

“You know Iron Maiden writes about 666 the number of the beast I happen to like them but if I happen to sit down with Bruce Dickinson (lead vocalist of Iron Maiden) I would say well lets talk about this you have this song but the flip side of that is that there are no second chances. They have their songs and we have our songs we can talk about the same things but ultimately it comes down to the fact that there is a creator God and he is the inspiration behind what we do and we just like our music and we are playing it,” he said.

The objective of the concert is to send a positive message to the youth to shun negative things like drugs, alcohol and other harmful substances which is affecting the society at present.

Whitecross was formed in 1985 by singer Scott Wenzel and Rex Carroll, and re-formed in 2000.

Peter Stenlund will replace the original vocalist Scott and will also accompany on the second guitar while Benny Ramos will play the bass and keyboards and Michael Feighan will be on the drums and backup vocals.