Watch: Fake video ‘Opinion of Saudi Prince in Kashmir issue’ goes viral

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Shillong, Feb 21: As India continues to mourn the death of 49 CRPF personnel killed in Pulwama suicide attack on February 14, 2019, a video with the title ‘Opinion of Saudi Prince in Kashmir issue, see how beautifully he expressed his opinion’ is going viral on social media platforms.

In the video, the ‘Saudi Prince’ is heard saying: “Accounting to history, Islam came to India much later. Hinduism had already existed. Pakistan claimed independence way after all this happened, 70 years ago.”

“I don’t see Pakistan as a suitable negotiator regarding Kashmir. I don’t think they have the right to speak. I believe it’s Hindu land; that’s very controversial.”

“My position is Kashmir is Hindu land, and I say this in front of everyone,” he said before adding that this has always been his opinion, even five years back, and not because he is in India.

He also joked that his statement should not be construed as being ‘paid by Modi’.

Who is he?

But the big question that remains – is the person speaking really the Saudi Arabia Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The answer is ‘no’. The person in question is Mohamad Tawhidi or Imam Mohamad Tawhidi, who was in India to attend a cultural event – Arth: A culture Fest, from February 8-10, 2019. He spoke on Feb 8.

And Tawhidi is privy of the video in circulation. He took to his twitter handle to clarify that he is not a Saudi Prince. ‘I’M NOT A SAUDI PRINCE’, he wrote.

This Iranian-born Australian Shia Muslim Imam is well known for his liberal outlook and his stand against Islamic fundamentalism and Pakistan.

This is the more appropriately titled video of his:

Slammed Pakistan after Pulwama Terror Attack

Soon after the Pulwama terror attack, he tweeted “Pakistan is a terrorist state”.

Since then, he’s been criticizing Pakistan repeatedly.

On Feb 20, he wrote: Pakistani terrorist organizations are stronger than the government. In many cases, they control members and essential parts of the government. Then the PM has the nerve to say “Where’s the evidence?” The evidence is clear, that’s why many countries are stopping aid to you.

On Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s remark that everything can be resolved with dialogue, he hit back saying: “So why did you get married 3 times? Because dialogue with you, and people with your mentality, doesn’t work.”