UDP promises corruption free ADCs if elected to power

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SHILLONG, Feb 11: If elected to power in the upcoming elections to two of the three Autonomous District Councils (ADCs) of Meghalaya, the United Democratic Party (UDP) has assured that it free the ADCs from corrupt practices.

“We will ensure good governance,” UDP senior working president Bindo M Lanong said after officially releasing the party election manifesto here on Monday.

Claiming that the UDP had earlier been able to ensure district councils are free from corruption, Lanong informed that the party has also pledged to say ‘No’ to uranium mining and ensure mining of other minerals is regulated as per law.

Stating that the party would also ensure transparency in the functioning of the district councils by streamlining the rules and regulations, the UDP leader accused the previous ECs of taking advantage of loopholes in the rules which led to loss of revenue.

The UDP in its manifesto has assured to push for the introduction of the anti-defection law in the ADCs to prevent elected members from shifting allegiance from one party to another.

“This (anti-defection law) will help to bring stability and transparency in the ADCs as well as ending the culture of horse trading besides avoiding having 5-6 CEMs in five years,” Lanong said.

He also expressed the party’s desire for the Centre to speed up implementing the amendment of the Sixth Schedule to the Indian Constitution which also seeks to introduce the anti-defection law since the MDCs are also elected representatives like the MLAs and MPs.

Lanong said the party will also ensure that the various markets serve the interests of the indigenous people while lamenting that at present, more than 70 percent of the traders in Iewduh which is the oldest traditional market are from the non-indigenous communities.

“This is the failure on the part of the previous EC and Syiem of Hima Mylliem. We will strictly enforce the Trading by Non-Tribal Regulations since such markets should give more opportunities to tribal traders,” he said.

Asserting the need to preserve and protect the environment, the party said it would ensure the green covers of the forests under the district councils are maintained.

The UDP also assured that its executive committee would not allow mining of uranium under the jurisdiction of the district councils while maintaining that it will affect the health of the people.

Meanwhile, Lanong said that the party will not allow political interference in the appointment of traditional heads including Syiems and Dolois. According to him, the appointment of an Acting Syiem will only arise if a case is pending before a Court.