The Truant Department

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Firstly, the Education Department had advertisement for admission to the 2 year Diploma course in Elementary Education in the DIET  in the local newspaper during the month of March 2014. In the advertisement it has not mentioned that the application forms are to be sold to the candidate but to the utmost surprise it was found that the Application forms were sold at the rate of Rs.5/- and 10/- and only DIET Tura has sold the forms at the highest price of Rs.100/- each.
Secondly, it is an irony to believe that the candidate from Mawryngkneng Development Block got selected in the National-cum-Merit Examination conducted by the Directorate of Educational Research and Training without appearing the Examination at all.

Thirdly, the criteria approved by the Govt. Is that three candidates could be selected from each Development Block to undergo training in the DIET in the State for the two years D.EL.ED course to ensure uniform representation of candidates from each Development Block.
But what a surprise 15 candidates has been selected and sent for the Course from Ampathi Development Block alone. Now the question arises, what about other Blocks which falls under different constitutions who have not equally represented as Ampathi Block ? Also, the age limits prescribed by the MHRD for undergoing the said course have not been seriously abided by the Directorate especially for candidates who hail from Garo Hills.
Fourthly, the MBOSE have recently in the local  newspaper requesting the Parents of the students not to purchase book on science  subject a s some lessons has to be corrected or amended at class XI Level.
Has MBOSE been made and empowered to be an Academic Changer without any Government approval? Is it not an examination conducting body/agency only? W ill The Government clarifies? The Education Department should have asked the MBOSE to correct the text books at the Elementary level which are full of mistakes and loopholes in almost all the textbooks. The issue has been pointed out by us the parents for the last three years, is the Govt. Listening?
Fifthly, it is reliability learned that the Right to Education Act which was passed by the Parliament have also been notified by the State Government for the implementation in the state which stipulated compulsory the “Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation” and the system has been approved by the State Advisory Committee headed by the Deputy Chief Minister I/c Education for teachers have been trained to implement the scheme.
Will Govt. clarify us the parents of the students the reasons of delay? Or has the delay been deliberately done to avoid change of books and publishers which entails Wine and Dine!!
It  could be the another scandal surrounding the Government official under the then and now regime spiced up with invisible power play by top Ministers which needs to be raised by each one of us as it concerned the careers of our own Children.

Concerned Parents: Mrs.R.M.Sangma, Araimile, Tura.            
                              Mrs.P.S.Marboh, Mawryngkneng.



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