SOT impersonators’ families seek NHRC intervention

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Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Dec 23: The family members of the two accused persons arrested for allegedly impersonating as SOT (Special Operations Team) personnel on Sunday sought the intervention of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) asking the commission to initiate action against the police concerned for alleged torture and for crimes not committed.

“The police should stop such torture and force people for confessions for crimes not committed,” Kopsi Dkhar and Banisha Khriemujat said in a petition filed to the NHRC here.
It may be mentioned that on December 8 last, two persons were arrested in the city for impersonating as police commandos and for extortion, kidnapping and drugs possession even as a fake pistol was seized from their possession.
They had been identified as Danny Dkhar (28) from Madanrting and Robert Kharsati (32) from Smit village in East Khasi hills district, police said.
The two have been alleged to have kidnapped one driver of a tourist taxi (ML 04B 0278) identified as Pynshai Rymbai from Jaintia hills from Laitumkhrah on December 8. The two were using a fake pistol (lighter) for the crime.
However, according to the family members, “They (two arrested) have not denied the charges as they were drug addicts. They just wanted to take on the person who was selling drugs (Pynshai Rymbai).”
Rymbai then filed an FIR for extortion, kidnap and while checking, the police found the drugs that the men had which they were consuming for themselves.
Stating that the two were arrested and then sent to jail, and the relatives had moved for bail, the relatives said, “Suddenly on December 20, the East Khasi Hills Police, went and took them from the jail to the Laitumkhrah Police Station for Police Custody as they were framed for another case, filed by someone.”
Then on December 21, they were taken to Court and were also made to sign a paper by the police.
The family members further alleged that when the relatives read the paper which the duo was made to sign, they found that it was a confession, adding the Police in the DC office lied that they were taken to Jail.
“It was later that we then found out that they were taken to Laitumkhrah Police Station and it was only on the December 22 morning that we saw the two in the lock up at Laitumkhrah and they were crying for help as they were beaten, kicked, black and blue in the soles, in the ribs by the AK butts and nozzle,” the relatives stated.
Later the duo was taken to the hospital after repeated plea by family members.
Meanwhile, the family members said that on Saturday, the Police brought the man who filed the second FIR and he was shown their (the accused) passport photograph and he said they were not the person who posed as SOT.
“The men were beaten and tortured and left in the Police lockup for a crime that they did not do,” the relatives asserted.



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