Some facts to be remembered

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¨        Why is water essential?
    •    Water accounts for 60% of our body weight.
    •    Water is constituent of blood and other vital body fluids.
    •    Water plays a key role in elimination of body water and regulation of temperature.
    •    A normal healthy person needs to drink about 8 – 10 glasses of safe potable water every day.

¨        Why is milk intake necessary?
    •    Milk is a wholesome food for all age groups.
    Milk contains most of the nutrients necessary for growth and development.
    •    It is especially useful for feeding infants, toddlers, growing children and pregnant and nursing mother.
    •    Milk contains high quality proteins and valuable supplement to most vegetarian diet.
    •    Milk is a rich source of dietary calcium which helps in building up of strong bones.
    •    Milk is also rich in riboflavin which helps to prevent cracks in the skin at the corner of the lips and redness and swelling of the tongue.

Ruli Daulagupu, (M.Sc. Home Science)
Assistant Planning Officer, Cachar, Silchar
Transformation and Development Department.



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