Sleeping MLAs

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Sleeping MLAs


Lastly  bowing under peer pressure, one of the MLA who assaulted a photo-journalist – within the premises of the State Assembly on Monday, admitted his mistake and apologized on the floor of the House for his unbecoming actions on Tuesday which very much shameful to whole state !
As read from newspaper while he is giving his version of the incident, the ruling legislator said, “I am sorry for what has happened and it will not be repeated in the future.” But my question is this can you guarantee for your future, the people will judge you better than who you are!
Not only those who are minister and elected members, most of them they are asleep while session in going on. We want to remain our leader we never elected to sleep there in Assembly. We elected to work in place of us, but things are going in opposite direction, what can these sleeping members do for our state?
He may have expressed regret over the unfortunate incident but actually it is not as a leader you should know. While claiming that he too was a “victim of the media”, of which he had always been a “good friend” it is the good answer for him!
Don’t worry next election is coming very soon. His apology was not sincere as can be gauged from the fact that he cast aspersions on the photo-journalist and tried to justify his rowdy behaviour. This has not been taken too kindly by the media fraternity it is very much shameful such a MLA to elect!  When will you wake up, sleeping MLAs?

Leoberth S Rongmuthu
Shillong Law College





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