Shooting of Bollywood movie ‘The Destiny (Kalachakra)’ starts in Shillong

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SHILLONG, Feb 28: Over the past few days, Bollywood gave us a number of biopics that people loved. The same series now comes with another promotional story, ‘The Destiny Kalachakra’, which has been shot in Shillong away from Mumbai for the last fifteen days.

On Wednesday, the film’s shooting began on the opening clap by the health minister of Meghalaya, AL Hek who was present during the day of shoot. The film’s story is based on the life of Prosenjit Mahapatra, a successful business man who has faced a lot of hardships and is now producing the film together with Rajesh Goenka. The film’s director is Akash Singh.

In the film, Sahil Kohli and Srijita Ghosh are in the lead roles and Kiran Kumar, Pramod Mohotu, Arun Bakshi, Mushtaq Khan, Satish Sonkar, Ajit Pandit, Shrutika Gaonkar, Akshay Singh, Luce, Surendra Thakur, Ramakant Singh etc are also seen in important roles.

Almost 120 local artists from Shillong are also seen in the set.

During a press meet held on Thursday, Akash Singh, said that every person in life undergoes a difficult period of time, but life that salutes the person who fights and overcomes the hardships and trouble-filled situations. The Destiny is also based on the fluctuations in the life of a person who has overcome major hardships and earned success. “To give a real touch to this story, the film is being shot in Shillong. The locations here are amazing and the people here are very supportive,” he said.

Producer Prosenjit Mahapatra meanwhile points out that Bollywood has a number of Biopics, but this film is different from all the Biopic films. “This is a story of survival which is a great motivation for others, the struggle for the creator’s life and the real story of reaching the position he is right now from the floor is inspiring,” he added.

The cast of the film also saluted the creator’s spirit that he did not give up the courage in the difficult moments of life, but continued to work relentlessly and ultimately achieved success, and finally the creator Prosenjit Mahapatra also thanked the administration of Shillong without whose support it would not have been possible for the film to be shot here.