Republic Day Arrangements

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SHILLONG, Jan 23: The Deputy Commissioner, Shillong has informed that the Republic Day, 2012 will be celebrated at ground No. 2, Polo Ground.
The seat for the public will be available on the southern side of Ground No. 2 beyond the goal post alongside Wahumkhrah and to avail of these arrangements, the public are requested to enter through the green gate directly opposite the entrance to the polo parking lot located just behind the western side of the first ground and proceed towards the second ground.
The available space between the road leading to the J N Sports Complex and ground No. 2 will also be available to members of the public.
Due to space constraints, the Deputy Commissioner has mentioned that the parking at ground No.2 will only be available for the VVIP vehicles. Other dignitaries and officials are requested to alight at the entrance to the approach road to ground No. 2.
Drivers are directed to proceed towards J N Sports Complex for lining up by police officers in accordance with the Warrant of Precedence. Pilot or Escort cars of the dignitaries may kindly be directed to divert towards the parking lot at polo at the point of entrance to avoid traffic jam along the road leading to ground No. 2.
Members of the public have been requested to park their vehicles at the Polo parking Lot.


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