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In connection with the Letter to the Editor published on 8.08.2013 in your newspaper under the caption “Impolite Conduct of DC’s Office Staff”, where one Baiahun Kharshandi, Dongsharum Umpling, Shillong-793006, had wrongly accused me of being rude to her at the DC’s Office on requesting for filling up the arms license form, I would like to state that no such incident had occurred and the events described by her are false and baseless and I would also like to state that it is not the duty of the staff of the DC’s Office to fill up the form of any applicant.

I would also like to express my disappointment at your rashness to print the letter mentioning my name without confirming the incident either with me or with the Deputy Commissioner who is my employer. The printing of my name containing false accusations has led to my mental anguish and defamation among my relatives, friends and colleagues.
I had even gone to Umpling, Dong Sharum, Shillong-6 and have met the Headman to enquire about the said Baiahun Kharshandi and I was told by the Rangbah Shnong that no such lady by this name is staying in their locality. In this regard I would like to request you not to publish any such statement without verifying and ascertaining the genuiness of the person giving such false and baseless allegations by giving fake name and address.

Smti. Freda Rynjah
R/o Mawkhar,



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