Regional parties will become a force to be reckoned with: Kharlukhi

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Meghalaya NPP President WR Kharlukhi. File Photo.

SHILLONG, Feb 22: The call for unification sounded by the United Democratic Party (UDP) to rally regional forces of the NE under one banner is being viewed as a right path to tread upon by the state President of the National People’s Party (NPP) who is of the view that this will turn North East into a force to be reckoned with, in the national political landscape.

“For so long we have been pawns in the hands of the national parties and it is high time we take the power in our hands by uniting together,” said state NPP president, WR Kharlukhi in his reply when questioned about the UDP’s move to create a regional political platform for the North East.

Acknowledging that the idea holds great prospects for the region, Kharlukhi said, “It is a very good idea as this is the only time we have a solid front in the North East.”

The UDP is in communication with regional forces like the AGP from Assam, MNF from Mizoram and a host of other political parties and is likely to name the regional alliance as North East Secular Front.

“I know for sure that through this solid front if they can get 15 to 20 MP’s, we would be a force to reckon with by the power that be in Delhi,” said Kharlukhi.

“I appeal to the indigenous people of the North East that if they are really serious this is the right time for them to show that we are as powerful as other political parties in the mainland,” Kharlukhi said.

“Only the people of North East can help the people of the North East nobody else can,” Kharlukhi added.

To a question whether this will set back the aspirations of the NPP to be the leading force of the region, Kharlukhi said, “The Idea of the NPP is to unite people of NE as one and go under one banner to Delhi, but we have to go as the situation arises and have to see the real ground politics.”

“The main idea is to unite the people of the NE that was very important and this is what we should do if we really want to be recognized by the power that be in Delhi,” he added.

Kharlukhi however said that these are his personal views and not that of the NPP which is yet to discuss the issue.