Of Exhibitions, Festivals and Melas

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Of late Shillong is fast becoming the centre for all sorts of Exhibitions, Festivals and Melas. This is a very good trend as it provides an opportunity for the public from all walks of life to know and witness for themselves new events and things displayed during the events. They also provide information and education for the people. Individuals and private sectors should be allowed freely to organise such events. However, government patronage and sponsorship for such events ought to be highly selective and strict procedures ought to be in place to regulate various government departments.

But it is heartening to know that in the name of organising government departmental exhibitions, festivals and melas those in-charge of organising these events make huge money for themselves at the expense of the public exchequer. Examples some of these events are Cherry Blossom festival, aquaculture festival, orange festival, flower exhibition, state and district industrial exhibitions, music festivals, Arts and Crafts’ exhibitions, Drawing competitions, science exhibitions and what not. By holding these government’s events many government officials have made their fortunes and manged to own assets worth crores of rupees. This is corruption of the first order and are unacceptable to the public.
The Government ought to be very strict on these by laying clear and strict rules and guidelines  to control these day light robbery of the public funds by many directors, other heads of the state departments and district functionaries. It is also heartening to know that those in the helms of affairs are collaborators to these act of robbery of the public funds. We call upon the public to lend their helping hands to put a stop to these evils.
George Arthur Warjri,
Philip Marweiñ,
Phira Rani and
Don Bosco Past Pupils Association,



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