No move to convert Majai to an Elaka, says Shylla

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HS Shylla. File Photo.

SHILLONG, Feb 12: The Majai area lying along the Indo – Bangladesh border will not be turned into an Elaka as per an assurance made by the Chief Executive Member (CEM) of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC), Hispreaching Son Shylla.

Shylla had made this assurance to a delegation of around 50 people from Hima Sohra who met him to seek clarification over the decision of the Council to temporarily look after Majai area and whether the Council has any plan to convert Majai into an Elaka.

The people of Hima Sohra suspected that the taking over of the village administration in Majai area by the KHADC would lead to the creation of Majai Elaka to be carved out of Hima Sohra.

“The CEM has clarified that the Council has to take over the administration in order to correct certain anomalies especially the matter related to trade and settlement of outsiders in the area,” M. Bynnud one of the members of the delegation informed on Tuesday.

Bynnud said that the delegation has informed the CEM that the people of Hima Sohra would not at any cost accept any move to split areas under Hima Sohra like Majai into an Elaka.

“The people of Hima Sohra are surprised over the taking over of the village administration at Majai by the Council and we want that Majai is handed over again to Hima Sohra,” another member of the delegation, W. Nonglait said.

Mylliemngap said that the CEM has assured that he would again visit Majai on February 16 at 11am to sort out the matter.

Mylliemngap admitted that there was some mistake on the part of the Hima Sohra that enabled outsiders to come and settle at Majai area.