NGO seeks development of Phulbari CHC into Civil Hospital

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TURA, March 14: The Anti Corruption and Human Development Organization (ACHDO) has demanded the upgrade of the Phulbari CHC into a Civil Hospital to benefit the huge number of people living in the plain belt of Garo Hills while also demanding the opening of the Chibinang PHC.

“The infrastructure of Phulbari CHC is so poor that anything above minor injuries, patients need to go to either Tura or Goalpara Civil Hospital. Both places are very far from Phulbari and the roads are pathetic. Further it becomes extremely difficult for poor people. Heath facilities, educational institutions and road is extremely important for a healthy living but we are lacking all these extremely important areas,” said the ACHDO president, Israhful Hoque on Thursday.

On the matter of the Chibinang PHC, the NGO stated that the PHC is complete but is yet to be opened. The NGO also questioned as to how the premises of the PHC are being used as quarters for labourers of the Rongai Valley Irrigation project.

“How are they living in the hospital and who will compensate for any damages that they make? Who allowed them to use the PHC as their living quarter? We urge the authorities to evacuate them immediately. The hospital is not meant for them,” said Hoque.

The NGO also asked for the set up of a Science College in the plain belt adding that despite a huge population, there is not even on such college in the plain belt.

“They (students) have no option but to move outside of their hometown. The priority should be given to education, health and roads no matter who is in governance,” he added.

Urging both the opposition as well as the ruling government to work together, the NGO felt that not enough was being done for the equitable development of the plain belt of Garo Hills.