NCP Nongstoin elects office bearers

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Staff Reporter
Nongstoin, Jan 20:
The General Meeting of the NCP on Friday conducted an election of the office bearer for the NCP Nongstoin Block at the office chamber of the NCP at Nongstoin.
The General meeting selected D. Pariong as President of the NCP Nongstoin Block, B.S Kharlor as General Secretary, Setsing Dkhar who was also the candidate of the NCP from Nongstoin as Working President, Manoy Byrsat, Finance Secretary, Wallambok Dkhar as Organizing Secretary.
Especial Iawphniaw as Joint Secretary, Gardingland Lyngdoh as Publicity Secretary and other14 Executive Members.
D. Pariong said in order to improve the strength of the party the Nongstoin Block NCP has divided the Block into 6 zones. He also informed that on April the party will conduct a big rally at Nongstoin for the growth of the party in the District.  


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