NCP complaints against Manas for violating MCC

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Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Feb 23: Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) on Saturday lodged a complaint with the Election Commission demanding action against South Shillong Congress candidate, Manas Chaudhuri for alleged violation of Model Code of Conduct (MCC) on the day of polling.
“Action is demanded against Chaudhuri for violating the model code of conduct by taking assistance of his supporter and one friend to manipulation and distributing of money during the polling hours,” NCP general secretary, Constantine N Thma said in his complaint to Election Commission.

He has also lodged an FIR in this connection against one RD Rai, an ardent supporter of Chaudhuri for allegedly distributing money at the 17-Kench’s Trace A polling booth on the day of polling. “Chaudhuri had supplied the money for distribution which is evident from the fact that Rai is his ardent supporter and that he had been distributing the money influencing the voters to vote for the Congress,” Thma alleged.
The NCP further alleged that the Presiding Officer of 19-Kench’s Trace C booth, Debashish Chakraborthy, who is a good friend of Chaudhuri, had tampered with the EVM which can be proved from the fact that one EVM was intentionally dropped by him, causing damage to the same. “When many candidates and agents objected and questioned him, he was very arrogant and replied that it was his wish,” Thma claimed in the FIR.
He also informed that Debashish was till recently the tenant of one Lily Jyrwa’s house situated opposite Bishnupur MeECL transformer, Bhisnupur and that he is a member of Bhangiya Sahitya Parishad, Jail Road, Shillong of which Chaudhuri was the president.
“We request the Commission to take action against Debashish for influencing the voters, tampering with the EVM and not informing the Election Commission for his connection with Manas Chaurdhuri and about his previous residential address,” the general secretary said in his letter to Election Commission even as he alleged that Debashish had been constantly fiddling with the EVM and had been visiting the prohibited area of secret ballot when a voter was present.
Apparently, Rai is allegedly wanted by police in Tripura for the past five years in a cheque bounce case.



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