MPYC condemns visa rejection to preacher

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Staff Reporter
TURA, Feb 09: The Meghalaya Pradesh Youth Congress has lambasted the rejection of the visa application of Dr Paul Msiza for the ongoing ABDK Sobha being held at Rajasimla in North Garo Hills (NGH) district.
The condemnation comes after the furore created by the rejection of the application by the Indian Consulate in South Africa, allegedly over a mistake in the application.

“It is indeed a sad state of affairs for the thousands of the faithful at Rajasimla and the state that the visa application of the president of the Baptist World Alliance (BWA) Dr. Paul Msiza has been rejected by the Government of India. 150 years will never come again,” said president of MPYC, Richard Marak on Friday.
The MPYC further condemned the BJP led NDA government alleging that a person of such stature was not allowed to visit the country at a time when Garos were celebrating 150 years of being Christians.
The NPP too was hit upon by the MPYC saving the Tura MP, Conrad K Sangma had tried to save face by sending a letter to the external affairs minister, Sushma Swaraj after the denial of visa.
“The ‘Memorandum MP’ Conrad K Sangma has yet again tried to save face by circulating a letter on social media dated Feb 7 which, for the observant is without a receipt from the addressee,” added Richard.
“It has also been learnt that he was informed of the rejection on Feb 5 and only because the news of rejection started circulating on social media did he wake up, meaning that he was the least bit interested in the affairs of the people who sent him to Delhi. People are not fools that they will believe, because he circulated a letter on social media, that he really tried his best, nor does it mean it reached the addressee. He shouldn’t have played such cheap politics here,” he added.
“It is time that we the people wake up to the lies that he and his family have been telling to the people of Garo Hills and the state for the past 40 years. Or maybe this is just a ploy from the BJP government wherein they deny the Visa and Conrad swoops in and saves the day. Election time, we are wary of all his tricks,” added the Congress youth leader.
The MPYC further added that the move may have been a case of divine intervention as it showed what the BJP and its allies would resort to if given a foothold in the state and absolute power in the center.



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