Meghalaya faced with a dilemma on SPTS project

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SHILLONG, Feb 13: The wheels of the bus goes round and round, goes a popular nursery rhyme which is in sharp contrast to the SPTS buses of Shillong, the wheels of which have long been grounded and instead of going round are rotting away at the various locations of the city.

Mawblei, Nongmynsong, Ishyrwat are the few places where one can easily see the buses that are left unattended to and rotting away in sheer display of wastage of public money.

Although the state government is contemplating to auction off few of these buses which are still in running condition and do away with the rest, the sheer number of buses that lie in disrepair has raised many an eyebrow.

“Fifty two buses would be auctioned off and a few need repair work. We are awaiting reports from the transport department on this, “informed the urban Affairs Minister, Hamlet Dohling in this regard on Wednesday.

Acknowledging that even minor problems would throw the buses out of the road as the spare parts are not readily available probably due to the fact that the earlier dispensation did not think well over it before getting the buses, Dohling said, “There was several problems faced which could have been easily handled. Minor problems like not having spare parts and having to wait for days resulted in all of this”.

Damaged SPTS buses rotting at a parking in Mawlai Mawkynroh

“If we have to purchase new buses we will take all of these into consideration,” he added.

Informing that the government has some funds and is also looking into the aspect of replacing the old buses with new ones, Dohling said, “Earlier we did not know, but now we do and we will take the right path.”

“We will check the finances before purchasing new ones,” he said.

Asked about the Maxi cabs, Dohling said that this is being handled by the municipal and even they are awaiting the reports from the transport department who are assessing the vehicles.