KHNAM demand introduction of cut-off year to verify genuine citizens

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Staff Reporter
Extending its support to various NGOs who are against the alleged continued enrolment of ‘dubious’ or ‘D’ voters in the state, regional party Khun Hynniewtrep National Awakening Movement (KHNAM) Monday urged the state government  to introduce the cut-off year which will determine the genuine non-indigenous voters in the state.
Addressing a press conference here, KHNAM president Pyndapborthiaw Saibon said “we demand the state government to introduce the cut-off year which would determine the number of genuine non-indigenous voters in the state”.
“We propose that 1971 should be the cut-off year to determine who the genuine non-indigenous voters of the state are,” Saibon said adding “There is no proper mechanism to check or prevent such illegal immigrants from entering into the electoral rolls of the state.”
He also added that the state election department is blindly following the instructions laid by the Election Commission of India without taking into consideration about effect it has to the state. 
“We strongly oppose to the alleged enrolment of ‘doubtful voters’ in the state”, he asserted.
Saibon also asked the government to immediately remove the special counters and voter’s facilitation cells from all the districts and sub-divisions and put on hold the voters’ enrolment drives in the state.
“The issue requires intervention of the Chief Minister who should put forth the points demanded by the protested groups before the Election Commission of India,” he said adding “We also call upon the genuine non-indigenous citizens of the state to come forward and extend their cooperation on the issue.”
Besides, the party also demanded that the inner line permit, work permit be implemented at the earliest to prevent and control the increased inflow of influx into the state.


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