Khasi Lineage Bill will protect tribals from HIV / AIDS: Shylla

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Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Aug 27: The Chief Executive Member (CEM) of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC), Hispreaching Son Shylla has made a startling statement on Monday wherein he said that the KHAD (Khasi Social Custom of Lineage) Bill will be one of the ways of preventing the spread of HIV / AIDS among the indigenous tribal people.
Informing that the state government had returned the first and second amendment Bills here on Monday, Shylla said that as per report, truck drivers and migrant labourers from outside the state are the main carrier of this disease.

“Therefore, this Bill would also be one of the ways to protect and prevent the indigenous people from getting infected with HIV/AIDS,” he said.
The Bill passed by the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) on July 25, seeks to strip off the Scheduled Tribe (ST) status of Khasi women who marries non-Khasi men and their offspring.
Shylla also maintained that the Council does not recognize transgenders. “Here, we do not recognize the transgenders we only recognize males and female. Let the Supreme Court or the Government of India come up with any law, but here we cannot accept this,” he said.
Meanwhile, Shylla informed that the meeting of the Consultative Committee constituted to study and submit recommendations for amendment of the KHAD (Khasi Social Custom of Lineage) Act, 1997 will be held on Tuesday.
“The state government has returned the Bills today just as we have requested. We appreciate the step taken by the state government as it reflects the good relationship between the state government and the KHADC,” he said.
Shylla said that the first amendment will be done away with since the Council is contemplating to come up with a Bill relating to the Dorbar clan and appointment of clan elders.
According to him, the committee is expected not to take much time since there are only technical matters which need to be corrected in the Bill.
The consultative committee will be headed by former KHADC chief Manstudy Nongrem, Adviser to the CEM Allantry F Dkhar as vice chairman and A Shangpliang, OSD as member secretary.
As per the terms of reference mentioned in the order issued by the executive committee on August 10, the consultative committee has been asked to make an indepth study of the provisions of the KHAD (Khasi Social Custome of Lineage) Act, 1997.
The committee will also make consultations with other experts as and when required which includes traditional heads, social and women organization.
It will also make recommendations for amendment of the Act 1997, after in depth study and to study the linkages of the said with other Acts of the Council.



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