JAC opposes Marngars as Bhoi Tribe, office picketing on Feb 3

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Staff Reporter
NONGPOH, Jan 31:
The Joint Action Committee (JAC), a conglomerate of four NGO’s of Ri-Bhoi District including the KSU, FKJGP, CORP and HNYF, has decided to call one day office picketing on February 3.
The announcement comes after the State Government apparently refused to pay any heed to the demand by the JAC to revoke the order of the inclusion of the Marngar Community as the Bhoi Tribe.
While addressing to the media, JAC Chairman, Donkupar Sumer informed that the committee which had opposed the recent order of the State Government passed through the political Department had given a deadline to the state Government. But in view of lack of response from the government and failing to take any action, it has decided to call the one day office picketing.
The one day office picketing of the JAC will affect all the State Government, Central Government offices and also all the Financial Institutions located in Ri-Bhoi District.
Sumer reminded that earlier the Government had prevented issuing the ST certificates to this Community after the JAC with the support of their Central Bodies had organized agitation programs in Ri-Bhoi District to oppose the order on inclusion of the Marngar Community as a Khasi tribe. But now through the interference of the Nongpoh local MLA the Government had again passed the order to include this community as the Bhois, he opined.
However, he maintained that JAC does not oppose on Marngar Community being recognized as a Schedule Tribe adding “they must get their own ST status and not by inclusion with any other Tribe of the State”.
In this regard, on February 3 itself, the JAC has called a general meeting with the Organization of the Raid Marngar which includes Marngar Youth Welfare Association (MYWA), Syiem and Secretary of the Raid Marngar and also the JAC of the Raid Marngar.
The JAC has urged upon these Organizations to attend the meeting so that they can discuss on the matter.
The JAC also strongly denounced the local representative of Nongpoh, Dr DD Lapang, for taking up this action on such a sensitive issue just for his self benefit without having any concern on the adverse effect that might arise in the future of the Bhoi people.
“If the State Government still keeps being adamant without paying heed to the demands of JAC, the JAC will not stop with this office picketing but will force stronger agitation further in the Ri-Bhoi District,” cautioned Sumer.


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