International recognition for Impulse Case Information Centre Database

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Staff Reporter
Impulse Case Information Centre Database, Meghalaya has been declared as a semi-finalist by the Global Development Network (GDN), as the Most Innovative Development Initiative, an international recognition.
Impulse’s Meghalaya Model, is a comprehensive method to address the problems of human trafficking from different aspects, engaging stakeholders to work in a collaborative network. The aim of the model is to track and rescue trafficked children, to facilitate rehabilitation, provide families with livelihood alternatives, to prosecute offenders and to raise awareness.
These activities translate to the pillars of Meghalaya Model, which are the five “Ps” – Prevention, Protection, Policing, Press and Prosecution; and the five “Rs” – Reporting, Rescue, Rehabilitation, Repatriation and Re-education.
This approach to human trafficking has been declared a “Good Practice Model” in the South Asian Regional Initiative/Equity (SARIQ) and Academy for Educational Development (AED) “Replicable Approaches Guide” by USAID in 2005.
The model has also received further recognition as a “good practice” by UNDP in 2007, Ashoka in 2006, and the Government of India — where it is in draft to become a national model.
“We are privileged to have different stakeholders and partners to hold hands with us to fight the menace of human trafficking in the northeast which in recent years have percolated in the society beyond boundaries,” Spokesperson of the Impulse NGO said.
The spokesperson also said that the team is grateful to their partners, be it the law enforcement, the government departments, the media, the judiciary the NGOs or CBOs who over the years worked with so much dedication with us.
“We have together handled many cases successfully. In addition, innovative institutions have been built, which will have ever lasting impact to our community,” the spokesperson added.
The GDN is a leading International Organization of developing and transition country researchers, policy and research institutes promoting the generation, sharing, and application to policy of multidisciplinary knowledge for the purpose of development.
Founded in 1999, GDN is now headquartered in New Delhi, with offices in Cairo and Washington.
It can be mentioned that William Carmichael from GDN is arriving in Guwahati on April 2.
The main purpose of his visit is to get a deeper understanding of the Impulse’s Case Information Centre Database –initiative.
He would be visiting and having a meeting with the Anti Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU) under the CID Department who has been collaborating with us in combating human trafficking.
GDN wants to comprehend the networking and collaborating aspect of work.
The Case Information Database is critical to make the fight against human trafficking more systematic and efficient. It is a great asset for the stake holders as well as the Police departments to get the updated information fast from one source.


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