Inconsistency in DTO office irks public

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Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, July 31:
The inconsistency in the functioning of the office of the District Transport Officer (DTO) of East Khasi hills has to a great extent “irked” the people of the district who are depending on the services of this important office.
The problem arises out of the irregular coming of the District Transport Officer (DTO) Chimborlin L Nongbri to the office as he is holding charges of other offices which was entrusted to him by the state government. The officer finds it too difficult to balance and due to this most of the works are pending.
At present, Nongbri is a single “in-charge” of five offices – DTO of East Khasi hills district, DTO of Enforcement, Secretary of the Regional Transport Authority, Secretary of the State Transport Authority and Assistant Commissioner of the Transport Department.
“I have applied for a driving license for more than one month now, but this office till today has failed to issue the license to me”, a resident of Mawryngkneng (on request of anonymity) said while questioning how long will it take for the office to issue only one license.
He said, “The government needs to address this problem which the public are facing when it comes to this office”.
Meanwhile, staff of DTO office complains that they find it too difficult to meet to the increased demands of the public.
According to them, the work gets disrupted due to the fact that the DTO is not regular in the office. “The files are piling up and could not be completed in time due to the frequent absent of the DTO who is the head of the office and without him no decision can be taken especially in term of issuing permit and driving license”, they said.
“People who come to office for their work, have to wait for weeks to get their work done in this office. They (public) are facing a lot of problem but what can we say when the government is assigning so much work to a single person (DTO)”, one of the staffs said.


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