Inappropriate Behaviour-MePDCL Official

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Dear Editor,

I have to report the inappropriate behaviour of Assistant Executive Engineer Revenue Sub-Division I Shillong during my visit to his office on 12/08/16.I met him in his office  at around 2 pm on 11/08/16  in connection with my unusually high electricity bill for the period 08/07/16 to 06/08/16.While presenting factual data based on  number of units consumed and my concern that this could be due to faulty meter, he refused to see any merit in my reasoning and instead asked me to come back the next day with 2  photographs and  2 readings of the said meter taken on two different days.I returned to his office the following day i.e; 12/08/16with the desired information hoping to find some solution but much to my dismay he refused to accept the factual data presented as well as my written complaint After many arguments back and forth which included a dare thrown at me  to report him to any consumer court or authority and the usual arrogance,

highhandedness and rudeness that is associated with officialdom, including the utter disdain and scorn with which they treat consumers, who incidentally pay for their salaries and lifestyle, I finally managed to turn the tide in my favor simply because the veracity of the facts presented made it untenable for the officer to defend his otherwise condescending position.I felt the need of reporting this incident in larger public interest as we encounter such arrogant , conceited and swollen headed officials all the time who though placed in public service are far away from the  spirit of it.I hope the management at MeECL takes note of of it and reprimands the officer for his inappropriate behaviour especially since he is handling a public utility (resolution of disputes) bill.

Yours Sincerely
Shaiq Parvez Kraipak


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