Illegal Parking at NH 62 causes commotion

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Staff Reporter
TURA, May 14: The residents along the now infamous National Highway 62 have been suffering the wrath of the movement of trucks along the road for quite some time. With trucks not only moving at break neck speeds but along residential areas through the whole day it has become difficult for people of the area to move safely without having to watch out for a vehicle coming their way. The problem is compounded by the trucks piling along the highway all through during no-entry timings.

Residents of Dainadubi, in the North Garo Hills, where the taxation and DMR checkpoint happens to be, are the ones most affected by the mess created by the piling of coal trucks bound for Assam. There have been reports of accidents involving small children as well as trouble for people in dire emergencies as the road is reduced by half its breadth. The citizens of the town have been angered by the reaction of the administration in what to them is a very easy problem to solve. They have been asking for parking space for the trucks that now lie on the road.
A prominent social worker in the Kharkutta area and the General Secretary of Achik
Unemployed Youth and Labour Assistance Organization (AUYLA), Jimrich M Marak said the problem had been identified by the people of the area and an emergency meeting called to chalk out a way to resolve the problem faced. He said that prominent NGOs like the GSU had approached the Administration for setting up a parking lot. He said that as a concerned citizen he had even got the necessary permissions from the Commissioner of Transport for the set up, but he still had to get the final clearance from the local police administration who had referred to some more paperwork to be completed from the NH Authorities in Baghmara. He said he would go immediately this week to complete the formalities so that the people of the area could be given relief.
In the mean time, the truck drivers and helpers confessed to the fact that the parking had been illegal but they had no other option but to park on the road. They said that currently there were problems of water and a resting place which could be solved by the set up of a parking lot. For now though, the children on the road still have to wait to feel safe on the road.



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