HANM suggests qualification criteria for legislators

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Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Dec 28: The Hynniewtrep Achik National Movement (HANM) has issued a notification urging that all legislators and law makers should have educational qualification, such as graduate or master degree, with a sound and respectful background, practicing monogamy as per the Khasi traditional ethics.
The notification, signed by HANM President Lamphrang Kharbani who is also in-charge of the movement’s Political Wing Department, stated that legislators should implement the various government schemes meant for the public and be accounted for accordingly.

Clearly indicating that this is meant for the aspiring candidates to the up-coming Assembly election, the notification stated that legislators should debate in the Assembly Sessions for the reopening of Border Haats because trade is the backbone of the indigenous community, should strive for better laws to protect the environment, and prevent unscientific mining of the state’s mineral ore, limestone, coal, and others. Setting up of vocational institutions and amending the present education policy which is not at par with the Khasi society is also one of the many points raised by HANM.
“As agriculture is the backbone of the state’s economy, legislators should do whatever to boost this very important sector,” the statement read.
Showing concern for the youth, HANM President said that micro- small and large scale industries should be given a boost so as to generate employment to the educated unemployed youth, while on the other hand the legislators should table a marriage law preventing marriage for boys before the age of thirty and girls before the age of twenty five.
“This,” the notification clarified, “was because a strong and peaceful background will result in respectful children, as a good family background produces good and honest leaders who respect the mass.”
“A legislator should unite with other representatives to demand a separate state for the Hynñiewtrep peoples and strengthen the traditional administration like the institutions such as the Dorbar Hima and Dorbar Shnong, as well as adhere to the old treaties and agreement between the then Khasi states and the Government of India,” the statement read.
Other points stipulated in the notification include the demand from the Central government to recognize the Khasi language as official language of the state by implementing the 8th schedule of the Indian constitution and the Amendment of the Job Reservation Policy.
The notification also said that candidates contesting the coming election should sign an agreement with the public vowing to abide by the manifesto and keep all promises, and that they should fight to amend the land acquisition act by giving authority to the indigenous land owners as owners and amend the constitution giving special status to the indigenous tribal like in Jammu & Kashmir, Nagaland, and Mizoram, to fight to resolve the continuing border disputes, as well as other developmental issues such as proper road connectivity, electricity, drinking water, health and communication.



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