HABSCA concerned over ‘teer’ result manipulation by wealthy bookies

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Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Nov 29: Irked over the huge manipulation by the stewards who were getting paid from wealthy bookies and were involved in the making, the Secretary of the Hynniewtrep Archery Bookies Social and Cultural Association (HABSCA), Dennis Lyngdoh in a news conference here on Thursday said that the association cannot accept such irregularities since it disrupts the whole operation of the system in the ‘teer’ business.

“The wealthy bookies manipulate the business by paying the stewards and getting them involved in the making of numbers during archery”, Lyngdoh said.
Mentionably, the stewards are responsible for the operation of archery for the ‘teer’ business of the state and such issues make the Association very discontented.
He also mentioned that earlier such making in numbers were done by the Khasi Hills Archery Sports Institute (KHASI) but at present the making of numbers was done by some wealthy people.
“There are 2635 licensed teer counters in the state and around 208 teer counters operating in the capital city who have received NOC from the Dorbar Shnong”, Lyngdoh added.
Lyngdoh, however, raised a question that how is it possible to operate teer counters without getting NOC from the Dorbar Shnong, since there have been such cases.
While alleging that the department concerned is not looking into the matter, Lyngdoh said that the department is always ready to collect the taxes from the counter but would not look into the concerns faced by them.
Meanwhile, Lyngdoh also informed that the association has lodged a complaint to the Deputy Commissioner, East Khasi Hills to take measures in this regard.



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