GSU raises questions on selection process in SGH DSC

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TURA, Feb 22: The Garo Students’ Union (GSU) – Mindikgre unit has raised questions on the selection process under the District Selection Committee (DSC) after allegations of manipulations came through. The NGO had in November 2018, written to the DSC secretary for the copies of the norms to be followed in selection but was never given a reply.

According to a complaint filed by the NGO to the DC, they alleged that the DSC, despite varied needs for varied departments, the selection process did not add up.

“It is observed that the DSC does not follow the norms suggested by the different departments. For example in the Forest department, where physical ability is a must, the department has suggested a run for a few kms but the DSC just asks them to do a few rounds of the ground,” alleged the unit president, Greneth Sangma.

Further the wanton rejection of applications without due reason has also irked the NGO. “In a world where the job market is shrinking, the random rejection will give little choice to choose the best among us,” he added.

In view of the non response to the questions posed by the NGO, the GSU has now requested the DC to furnish the information.

“We would request you to kindly furnish a copy of the norms followed by DSC in selection as well as the basis of rejection so that we can educate the youth on the matter and how best to prepare. Further we would also like for fresh conduct of DSC without any further delay,” added Greneth.