Dainadubi PWD Rest House in immediate need of repair

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Staff Reporter
TURA, Jan 04: One of the busiest routes for coal in the region, the state of the Dainadubi Rest House in North Garo Hills (NGH) has been lying in a state of dilapidation for the past few years. The rest house, which was set up some time in the year 1975 consists of only 2 rooms both of which need immediate repair, however the facility lies as it has been since inception.
What is even more, the facility has been without water for as long as one can remember and it is only a hand pump, installed a few years back that provides water for the use of the two rooms in the rest house.

“The rooms have never been repaired and the walls have only been coloured once in its history. To close or open the doors of the rooms sometimes requires superhuman strength,” said a resident of the village, who would earlier frequent the place.
“We only have two rest houses in the village, one belonging to the Forest department and the other to the Public Works Department (PWD). Both of them are almost uninhabitable, though there are a lot of high profile people, including MLAs frequenting the place,” said another resident.
“The toilets don’t have water, the kitchen walls and ceiling have become black due to cooking and the rooms need an immediate overhaul. However will anything be done to better the facility? I am not sure,” said one SC Marak.
Currently, the facility is being tended to by a lone caretaker and the charges per night is Rs 200 for non officials and Rs 36 for officials.
“We would not mind paying extra if the condition of the facility is improved,” said RP Marak, a resident of Rongjeng, who frequents the place.
The border village of Dainadubi in NGH is possibly one of the busiest junctions in the state of Meghalaya. The village is the exit point of coal trucks which come from either Shallang in West Khasi Hills (WKH) or from Nongalbibra in South Garo Hills (SGH). However given its importance, better resting facilities have become the need of the hour.



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