Dacoity victims relate ordeal as NGOs condemn incident

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Rajen M Marak with his family who were victim of a dacoity on Feb 12, 2019.

TURA, Feb 13: The victims of the gruesome dacoity have related their ordeal of how they were attacked while in their house in the village of Rongchandalgre under Phulbari Police Station in West Garo Hills (WGH).

On the morning of February 12, a group of masked criminals, in a black Scorpio car attacked the house of one Rajen M Marak leaving him along with almost his entire family with serious injuries. The criminals, more than a dozen in number, came armed with rods and knives, using the cover of load shedding in the area during the time.

Rajen Marak, his son Bikram Marak along with Rajen’s daughters, Silkame M Marak, Chengche M Marak and Samantha M Marak were all injured in the attack.

“I was sleeping when they forced themselves into the main house, rounded up my sons and daughters before trying them up. Upon hearing the commotion, I opened the door of my room (which is separate from the other house). Immediately after I opened the door, I was hit on the head with an iron rod. I fell to the ground and tried to save myself from getting beaten further. In trying to do so, I was hit on my arms, legs and back of the head,” said Rajen.

The incident, according to the family took place between 12:30 am to 1 am.

Rajen was referred to Goalpara as his condition was serious but was able to return home on Wednesday morning. His wife was the only one that escaped unscathed though she too was dragged from under the bed where she had hidden during the attack.

The family is yet to file a FIR but was on the process of doing so during the time of writing this report. Two teams of police have already paid a visit to the family to seek details of the case. Another probe led by probee IPS office also paid a visit to the family on Wednesday evening.

According to the family, the dacoits stole Rs 50000 in notes, a huge amount in small change, gold and silver jewelry as well as 6 mobile phones. Interestingly the phones of the victims were active even till Wednesday morning.

NGOs condemn the dastardly attack

Meanwhile, several NGOs including the GSU – Chibinang, AHAM – Phulbari and CEPARD, who paid a visit to the family have come down heavily on the alleged lawlessness in the area while condemning the incident in the harshest words.

“There is definitely a local link to this act as even locating the house of Rajen Marak was a problem for us. This is a targeted attack. We condemn the act and demand a serious probe into the attack on these people, three of the victims being women,” stated the NGOs in a joint statement.

The NGOs have also asked the police to ensure the safety of residents and provide a breakthrough in the case at the earliest.

“None in the area will breathe lightly due to what happened. There were also other unreported similar cases around the area which has left all fearing the worst. The police needs to break this gang up so that people can sleep peacefully,” added the NGOs.

Meanwhile, police confirmed the dacoity to be the handiwork of a mixed gang of criminals.