CSWO slams Govt for neglecting disabled peoples demands

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Staff Reporter
The Civil Society of Women’s Organization (CSWO) on Thursday condemned the arrogant attitude of the Government, who closed the gates to the People with disabilities who were trying to approach the Government with their grievances and demands which should have rightfully be heard.
In an official statement, President of CSWO, Agnes Kharshiing said, “Closing the gates of the Secretariat was a big insult to the disabled association, and such arrogance by the government should be stopped.”
“The Secretariat is not a personal property of those in ‘governance’ who are mere government servants, and it is a place which should rightfully be addressing the grievances of the Public,” Kharshiing said adding “This approach by any group would not have been necessitated had the Government system been prompt in addressing legitimate demands of the Public.”
The CSWO reminded the Government that they should immediately make available the Charter of Services to the people so that people are not made to run every time to the offices wasting their time and money.
“The Government Servants are paid to sit in the secretariat to serve the people of the state and not to waste public funds,” she exclaimed.


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