CSWO hopeful about GNLA releasing abducted officials unharmed

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Our Bureau
The Civil Society Women’s Organization (CSWO) has appealed to the GNLA to release the two abducted engineers of the MeECL.
The CSWO said there is no doubt about the resentment among rural areas in the State which are being left ignored and deprived of all the basic amenities and development works being given to cities and towns.
“Energy is being given more priority to the people in the urban areas and all this when the very Constitution of India enshrines us with the Right to Equality”, he asserted.
“But by abducting we are showing signs of being like the People in Power who are bulldozing on the Rights of the People. Why should we be like them when we are trying to fight for the People?” reminded CSWO.
The organization also demanded that the Government officials do not harass the public of the State especially those who come from the rural areas of the State and their grievances should be addressed at the earliest.
Failure in such duties by Government Servants, entitles the people to Assemble and demonstrate. The Constitution of India in Article 19(1) (b) guarantees “the right to assemble peaceably without arms”.
CSWO also demanded the Government to take the matter seriously to address the complaints of the rural people of the State, so as not to invite a revolution.
The organization thanked the GNLA for having released the other officials abducted earlier unharmed and said that it was definite that these two Engineers would also be released at the earliest and unharmed. 


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