Criminals beat up priest, ransack Church in Garobadha

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Criminal gang ransacks the Dominic Savio Mission

TURA, Jan 30: A criminal gang ransacked the Dominic Savio Mission while allegedly assaulting two of the preachers with iron rods after they were tied up by the group of criminals on Wednesday.

An FIR into the incident was filed at the Garobadha Investigation Centre which falls under WGH police jurisdiction.

According to the FIR filed by the authorities of the Dominic Savio Mission in Garobadha, around 20 masked men, speaking in broken Garo, broke open the main gate at about 1:15 am on Wednesday morning. They then proceeded to the main mission building and into the office of the Parish priest.

After entering the office, the gang members opened the drawers and took away Rs 1.25 lakhs along with 2 android phones belonging to Rev Fr Thomas John (SBD, Asst Parish Priest) and Daniel M Sangma (preacher). They also tied the two victims (hands and mouth) before beating them severely with iron rods.

After a while when another parish priest, John Mathias M Marak was made aware of the situation, he gathered the other inmates. The miscreants after sensing danger immediately ran from the area.

Fourth such incident in recent time

The latest incident is the fourth such instance of dacoity perpetrated in Churches in Garo Hills which according to the police seems to be the handiwork of the same gang.

Similar incidents have been reported from Dawagre (EGH), Chokpot (SGH), Dalu in WGH and the present attack at Garobadha.

WGH police stated that the 4 incidents could be related as the modus operandi of the attacks were very similar.

“We are very close to a breakthrough in the case and will hopefully be able to crack it open soon. This condemnable act is being carried out to loot money from Churches. It seems the work of the same criminal gang,” said superintendent of police, WGH, DR MGR Kumar.

The SP further added that the criminals took advantage of load shedding that is currently on during the night after 1 am. A request to move the load shedding time to the day has been made to the MeECL authorities.

“A team led by an ASP is leading the investigation into the matter. The matter is very sensitive and we are hopeful of a breakthrough soon,” stated the SP.

Earlier on January 21, a similar group of criminals broke into the Sacred Heart Church in Dalu and looted an amount of Rs 5 lakhs from the place.