Clouded leopard rescuer be honored: AJYWO

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Staff Reporter
AJYWO Central Body has asked the State Government and the Forest Department to felicitate along with providing compensation amount for the loss suffered to Aiom Polong for saving a certain Clouded Leopard, even after the animal ruthlessly preyed on the cattle.
The Organization’s President, M H Dkhar said, “We are so proud that there are people like Aiom Polong within our midst, who have a sense of responsibility and love towards wild life which is a treasure to our nature”.
“We appreciate the kindness shown by Aiom towards the animal, even after causing a huge loss of livestock. After catching the animal with the trap he set, he did not kill it instead he looked after the animal after catching it with care knowing the leopard is an endangered one,” he added.
He said the government should give something big to Polong for the great deed he has done. He went on to say that the people should heed the great example that Polong has set, “To preserve the environment and its treasures which is being threatened from the enmity of man” he said.


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