Candidates scramble in last minute wooing of voters

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SHILLONG, April 03: It has now become a hustle in a bid to garner votes as candidates of different political parties for the Shillong Parliamentary constituency are making a rush to reach various locations one after the other to address the various political rallies that were lined up for Wednesday.

Loud speakers broke through the usual silence and calm of Smit village as candidates of the various political parties contesting the elections took to the stage one after the other to make promises and woo the voters.

It was a sight unlike any as two stages were erected in the same venue which the candidates used in turns and while one spoke the other waited for his turn.

No sooner had the candidates finished their speech that they hurried to yet another location to carry on the campaign.

It was Independent candidate THS Booney who took to the stage first followed by Congress candidate, Vincent Pala and lastly MDA candidate Dr Jemino Mawthoh.

Their speeches on the day were not any different from others they had delivered earlier and the main highlight revolved around, unity, the Citizenship Amendment Bill, unemployment, the aspirations and sentiments of the tribals beside other issues.

While Jemino Mawthoh as the common candidate of the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance had spoken on unity of the regional forces such that the North East will be heard in New Delhi, the Congress played more of the religion card by dubbing the BJP as an anti minority and anti-Christian party while also linking the UDP and the other regional forces with the BJP.