Brisk business for Gift, Chocolate Shops as ‘Rakhi’ approaches

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Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, July 30:
Of all the important relationships that exist, the most important relationship is between a brother and his sister which is one of the most endearing one.
With just two-days left for ‘Raksha Bandhan’ or ‘Rakhi’ a day dedicated for brother and sister, where a sister ties a knot in her brothers arm so that the brother will protect his sister at all the times.
With coming of Rakhi, the market is jammed with sisters buying Rakhi and gifts for their brothers and brothers buying chocolates and gifts for their sister.
“Since the last four-five days, the rakhi shopping in the city has picked up. The average daily sale of rakhi gifts in our shop has been for about Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000. It’s much better than last year,” said Bimal Ghosh, an owner of a gift shop in the city.
In a street talk with the people shopping for rakhi, Abhisekh, a brother, buying gift for his sister said, “I have a younger sister and I love her the most. I am planning to get her a cell phone in my budget along with some chocolates. I hope she likes my gift.”
Another Anshuman said “I have a 12 year old sister and I am confused what to gift her.”
However an excited Shiwani who was witnessed buying rakhi at a store asserted that, “I am very happy. I have two elder brothers and both are working. I don’t know what gift I will be getting but I hope it will be a good one.”


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