BJP pushes 4 names for Tura MP, 3 for Selsella MLA elections

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TURA, March 12: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which is going solo for the Lok Sabha elections, has decided to send four names as probable candidates for the Tura seat after a meeting between party members in the town of Tura on Monday.

The party has sent the names of Rikman G Momin, Digross D Shira, Thomas Marak and Dr KC Boro as probable candidates to contest the upcoming elections for the Tura MP seat.

“The names were decided after all probable candidates, who were interested in applying for the ticket submitted their applications which were scrutinized. After scrutiny, the same were forwarded to our Central team for a decision on choosing a candidate. The names were scrutinized by the remaining 7 members present during the party meet,” said party spokesperson, Digross D Shira, who is also among the probable candidates.

The 4 candidates in the ticket fray were all contestants in the last MLA elections. While Rikman fought in Rongjeng, Digross was the BJP candidate for Mendipathar, KC Boro for Tikrikilla and Thomas Marak fought in Songsak.

Further the party also forwarded the names of three candidates, Promod Koch, Adarsho Sangma and Bhupen Hajong for the upcoming by-elections to Selsella. The names of the three probable candidates were sent to the BJP state team for a decision to be taken by them.

Both Promod Koch and Bhupen Hajong have also been losing candidates in the last MLA elections in 2018.

The BJP has decided to go alone in the state despite the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) government, of which the BJP is an ally, taking up consensus candidates for both the Tura and Shillong seats.