Bird flu makes hysteria runs among people; extensive culling on

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Staff Reporter
As the Rapid Response Teams (RRT) continue with its operations to quarantine the H5N1 virus or bird flu in East Garo Hills, the deadly virus seems to be spreading across the area at a much faster pace than anticipated as the culling of birds keeps increasing at an abnormal pace every day.
On Saturday alone, 274 local birds, 444 chicks, 44 ducks, 546 eggs were disposed off within the one kilometer radius from the government run poultry farm at Williamnagar, the epicenter, under strict supervision of Central observer.
The Medical response teams are also doing household checking and monitoring to detect the deadly virus.
Ironically, some of the people are learnt to be trying to hide their poultry. Poultry birds have been dying since Christmas and many instances of dumping the poultry in the Simsang River have been reported. This has come as worrisome news for the district administration and the government.
In order to avert any such cases, mass awareness is underway with 15 district level teams meeting with people.
While more medical response teams are expected to be active soon, RRTs are quarantined and kept together in one place. 15 temporary toilets, blankets, mattresses, pick – up trucks, food, vehicle, JCB have been arranged by the district administration.
Reportedly, RRTs will have to stay quarantined for 10 days after final culling.
Meanwhile, hysteria as ran across the district and some localities are learnt to be slaughtering pigs panicky and selling off the meat.
The municipal board in involved in cleaning up and getting fumigation done, while doctors have been directed to deposit duty chart. 
In the wake of this crisis, a shortage of doctors has been felt while the needy are communicated across to Civil Hospitals.
Each day exact culling report is being sent by the central observor to the directorate of Veterinary and it is being transmitted to Government of India. Every day, the report is being placed before the Cabinet by 9.30. 


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