Beyond the Obvious

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Dr A Kabir
Medical-Officer (NEIGRIHMS)

Introduction – A higher level of intelligence distinguishes human being from other animals. It has been the favourite subject of research for psychologists. In the 20th Century, they created intelligence-Quotient (IQ) tests to define and measure the intelligence of an individual. But it proved inadequate for measuring the “wide spectrum of intelligence”. And in the 21st Century, they are saying that ultimate intelligence is spiritual-intelligence.
Signs of high spiritual intelligence: Flexibility/Self awareness/ability to face suffering/ability to be inspired by a vision/ability to see/feel connection between diverse things (holistically)/desire and capacity to cause as little harm as possible/tendency to probe and ask fundamental questions/ability to work against convension.
Love and respect from others are our ultimate desire in life and un-consciously we always strive to earn it. But we get confused because of our materialistic-desires or outlook. A doctor desires respect from his patients and at the same time craves for money in return of his services. A husband demands love from his wife and earns money (as much as possible) for her. A father wants respect from his children and tries to provide the best of all facilities in life. We want love and respect for the services, finance and protection we offer. But many a times it does not come because most of us don’t have spiritual-intelligence, which is of utmost importance.
In “Munnabhai MBBS” – the hero, a gangster, joins a medical-college because of his parent’s pressure. Such things hardly happen in reality but Munnabhai’s stint in the medical-college speaks loudly about spiritual-intelligence. He gives love and respect to everybody, right from cleaner to patients and doctors without any desires for his personal-interest. Ultimately he earns love and respect of all.
Psychologists say that spiritual-intelligence is the ultimate intelligence. It is the source of our logical and emotional intelligence. Psychologist Danah Zohar along with her husband Ian Marshall, has discovered this concept of intelligence. They have discussed about it elaborately in their books “Connecting with our Spiritual Intelligence” and “The Quantum-Self”. Danah Zohar says, “Spiritual Intelligence” is about having a direction in life and being able to heal ourself of all resentment. It is thinking/subjecting of ourself with an expression of higher-reality.
She further clarifies, “An executive with higher Spiritual-Intelligence” might look beyond profit-margins and devote time for voluntary-works with orphan. It also addresses the need to place one’s life in shared context of value.
Intelligence, which is the foundation-stone of our survival and development, has never been understood “holistically”. In early years of twentieth century, when the concept of Intelligence-Quotient (IQ) was floated, everybody was amazed to learn that it can be measured. French psychologist Alfred Binet, along with Theodore Simon develop the first IQ test. Till middle of the twentieth century, it become almost a mania to evaluate people for different purposes such as evaluating children in schools, recruiting personnel for military, managerial level, for industrial organization and in many other fields, IQ Test became the certificate of success. It portrayed before the world that successful people score high on IQ Test. But gradually, it become clear that some of the high scorers in IQ Test are failure in life. On contrary to it, some of the lower scorers are highly successful in life because they possess a different kind of talent. IQ Tests are designed to measure only logical and calculative faculties. Gardher, a psychologist, in 1983 refuted the IQ notion of intelligence. He proposed that there was not just one monolithic kind of intelligence that was crucial for life’s success, rather a wide spectrum of intelligence deems required.
In mid 1990, psychologist Daniel Guleman gave a new theory of Emotional-Intelligence (EI). Emotional-Intelligence gives us empathy, compassion, motivation and ability to respond appropriately to pain or pleasure. It can be measured through EQ Test.
In 2001, the new concept of “Spiritual-Intelligence” (by Psychologist Danah Zohar and Ian Marshall) which signifies that Spiritual-Intelligence is not about being religions but it gives us a sense of morality. It allows human being to be creative, to change rules and alter situation. Through it we develop the ability to discriminate, to temper rigid rules with understanding and compassion and an equal ability to see its limitation within us. Zohar says, “It is our access to and use of meaning, vision and value in the way that we think and the decision that we make”. It cannot be measured or quantified because it is related to our experience. It is an ability to answer questions and such ability leads people incline to visit/take interest at the spiritual aspect of life.
In 1990s, research by neuro-psychologist Michael Persinger and neurologist V.S. Ramachandran at the University of California led to an identification of a particular-spot located in the temporal-lobe of the human brain which gets charged-up whenever a person is subjected to discussion of spiritual-topic and it does indicate that human brain is programmed to spiritualism also.
Conclusion – Spiritual-Intelligence is a sign of great confidence and a sense of control. It provides clarity and sense of purpose in every action. “Art of Good Living”, which is run by spiritual master Shri Shri Ravishankar, – “I do the same acts with a difference”, said one of his followers.
Psychologists are now clear that for real success and happiness we need spiritual-intelligence, which can be cultivated and enhanced, and this is higher-reality, some says – “beyond the obvious”.

Ref: 1) Connecting with our Spiritual Intelligence
2) The Quantum-Self By Danah Zohar & Ian Marshall


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