Bahunlang Marbaniang death raises new questions

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Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Feb 11: Late Bahunlang Marbaniang, who was recently found dead, and her husband were staying with the Afghan family in Janakpuri, Delhi, sources said.
According to them, the deceased and her in-laws were on a trip to Kolkatta to attend a wedding ceremony of one of the cousins of her husband. It was only after the reception that Bahun and her husband decided to meet some Afghan friends in Janakpuri, Delhi.

There has been a big reaction from the family of the deceased on the way the incident was reported, where reports have alleged that Bahun was found dead in her rented house at New Delhi.
Sources said that the family members were not satisfied with the procedure in which the investigation into their daughter’s death was conducted. Earlier, Delhi police had claimed that there was no foul play while the doctors who conducted post-mortem on the deceased had verbally told them that she died due to ‘choking’.
According to sources, the visceral report will be given after a week.
“The husband didn’t talk to the family members properly when they called up on that night. It was the father in law who called up the deceased’s family and informed about her death,” sources said.
Sources also revealed that Bahun’s husband is the owner of a popular theme part in Guwahati.
They said that the house where she was found dead belong to her husband’s Afghan friends.
It was also alleged that the family members were made to sign statement even before they were shown Bahun’s mortal remains.
Prior to the incident, sources said that the husband, wife and his friends went out to party. It was after coming back that Bahun went off to sleep and husband and his friends drank till morning.
They said the deceased had taken nap at around 2 pm the next day, while the husband went upstairs to watch TV.
“We were told that he was watching TV when one of his friends went to wake up the woman at around 6 to 7 pm, where she was found dead,” they said while alleging that the doctors at the hospital said that she had been dead for about two hours before she was taken to the hospital.



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