ANVC(B) draws the line in fight against corruption

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Staff Reporter
Shillong, Aug 30:
Alleging that Chief Minister Dr Mukul Sangma is protecting GHADC CEM Purno K. Sangma, ANVC(B) Thursday termed the act by CM as “Another act of discrimination and injustice towards the people of Garo Hills.”
The outfit claimed that Purno K. Sangma met the CM late evening on Wednesday along with other MDCs, wherein Dr Sangma asked GHADC CEM not to resign and assured all protection.
On the indefinite road blockade called by the outfit, it said “in Garo Hills, there has been series of harassment on vehicles and public who hoisted black flag. This is nothing but an act of suppression. Garo officers who are doing this should be ashamed of the corruption in the Council.”
Nonetheless, it thanked the people who cooperated with the outfit’s call.
ANVC(B) is now of the opinion that this is not worth fighting for in a democratic way when it is only the common people who have to lose and suffer.
“It seems the line is drawn and there seems to be no point pushing it forward at the cost of the common people,” it said in a press statement here.
“However, for ANVC(B) this is not the end,” it added.
It asserted that the outfit has used the democratic means to bring in change in GHADC area seeking public opinion and support which is suppressed, and that it does not want any more Garos to suffer.
But now the time has come where ANVC(B) uses means that will change the apparently corrupt leaders and corrupt politicians for years to come.


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