WKNYF demands speedy construction of Rwiang- langpih Road

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Staff Reporter
Nongstoin, July 19: The West Khasi National Youth Front (WKNYF) has demanded the contractor, undertaking the construction of Rwiang-Langpih road, to speed up the completion of the project under Special Plan Assistance (SPA).
The Federation General Secretary, K.K Wanniang told reporter on Friday that recently the organization conducted an inspection of the said road and found that the road’s condition is appalling, which has irked the public and ruined the economics of many.

He said that the terrible road conditions in the area have troubled the people. “Even if the government assures to speed up the implementation for the ease of the public, they are still in pain,” he said.
Wanniang also slammed the PWD for not taking initiatives to eradicate the problems of Langpih people, which is primarily due to bad road condition. Demanding that the department take immediate action on the matter, he threatened that the organization will otherwise have to resort to agitation.



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