Meghalaya Mine Tragedy: 15 lakh litres of water pumped out of mine, no headway made

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SHILLONG, Jan 11: Even though 15 lakh litre of water was pumped out on Friday itself, there has been no headway in reducing the volume of water in of the flooded mine in East Jaintia Hills (EJH) district where 15 miners are still trapped.

 “The Kirloskar Brothers Ltd pump is engaged in dewatering the main shaft where the miners are trapped. They carried out the work for 17.5 hours and managed to pump out 15.75 lakh litres,” operations spokesperson R Susngi said.

He said there was no drop in the water level at the main shaft even as over 28 lakh litres was also pumped out on Thursday.

According to the official, Coal India Ltd ran their pump for 15 hours and discharged 11.3 lakh litres of water from the nearby abandoned mine where rescuers suspected that it is interconnected with the mine where the miners are trapped.

He said six pumps from Odisha were put into service to drain 3.15 lakh litres of water from the temporary storage where water pumped by CIL was kept downstream.

Susngi said rescuers from the Indian Navy surveyed and sanitised another abandoned shaft nearby.

There are about 80 to 100 abandoned mines in the Khloo-Ryngksan area and experts have opined that at least 10 – 20 nearby abandoned mines are suspected to be connected with the main shaft at some point forcing the rescue teams to begin search operations there, Susngi said.


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