Meghalaya celebrates 47th Statehood Day, government launches unique initiatives

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Meghalaya CM Conrad Sangma speaking at the 47th Statehood Day

Shillong, Jan 21: Meghalaya government marked the 47th Meghalaya Statehood Day with the announcement of slew of unique initiatives –100 day program, launching ‘CM’s Whatsapp based Public Grievance Redress Mechanism’, Sister States initiative, and more.

Chief Minister Conrad Sangma said the purpose of celebrating Meghalaya Day is to “remind each one of us of the supreme sacrifices of our great leaders during the struggle for a separate State. It is important to celebrate this day with great fervour and enthusiasm”.

100 – Day Programme

The 100 – day programme for different government departments will focus on a specific task ranging from energy conservation, environment issue, education, etc. to be completed within a stipulated time frame. The Chief Minister said that it was the government’s priority to focus on the welfare of the people for greater progress and prosperity of the State.

Meghalaya CM Conrad Sangma with orange bonsai during 47th Statehood Day celebrations

Some of the targets:

  • Making the government secretariat an energy efficient building by shifting to the use of LED lights.
  • Urban department to replace all street lights with LED lights. This will be done on a public-private-partnership mode.
  • To promote use of electric vehicles, CM to use electric vehicle. Charging points will be installed in the secretariat and other places.
  • Help Self Help Groups (SHGs) avail loans within 100 days.

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Sister States initiative

The ‘Sister States’ program would look ways to partner with other States in areas ranging from tourism, technology, education, cultural exchange, etc. The Chief Minister said that the program would lead to fruitful exchange and adoption of the best practices that other States have to offer in key areas of focus and build support for each other through this initiative.

“We often look towards the Central Government when we need support. But we can build mutually beneficial networks by partnering with other States in India. If this kind of a movement takes place throughout the country it has the potential to transform the nation”, he said.

“We are planning to partner with a big state so that we learn and also try to get investment. Therefore, in the future, we can see the trend that we don’t only work with the Centre but with the sister states as well,” he added.

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CM’s Whatsapp based Public Grievance Redress Mechanism

CM’s Whatsapp based Public Grievance Redress Mechanism

Chief Minister Conrad Sangma launched the ‘CM’s Whatsapp based Public Grievance Redress Mechanism’ with the objective of improving the overall governance in the state.

“The idea is to have a platform where people could at least express their concerns and grievances directly to the chief minister’s office,” Sangma said while speaking at the launching of the system here on Monday.

Though not a complete resolving system, it is nonetheless access to the CM’s office.

A dedicated team would share the information received through the system with the concerned departments for taking up necessary actions to address the problem.

Meghalaya CM Conrad Sangma launches ‘CM’s Whatsapp based Public Grievance Redress Mechanism’

Elaborating more on the objective of the platform, the chief minister said the data and information that comes to the CMO will further allow the government to analyse the problems that are plaguing a particular department, district or area in the state.

“This data will help us analyse the problems that are there and that will help us to improve our system and specifically work in improving the governance at the grassroot level,” he said.

Documentation of Meghalaya’s journey

The Chief Minister also stressed on the importance of documentation of the State’s journey through the years and entrusted the Department of Information and Public Relations to take the initiative towards this.

“The state is going to celebrate its 50th year in 2022. I urge the Directorate of Public Relations (DIPR) to start documenting the journey of the state. I have also discussed with the chief secretary on the need for museums to have a section which talks about hill state movement leaders and their struggles,” he said.