Amit Shah ‘King of black money’: Sushmita Dev

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SHILLONG, Jan 11: All India Mahila Congress (AIMC) chief Sushmita Dev on Thursday alleged that BJP will be spending lakhs of money in the upcoming Assembly polls in Meghalaya to get maximum votes, even as she called the saffron party’s national president Amit Shah ‘King of black money’.
“Amit Shah who talks against corruption is the ‘King of black money’ and he will spend sacks of cash money (in the upcoming Meghalaya polls),” Dev told a gathering of the Congress mahillas held in the city here on Thursday.
Appealing to the people of Meghalaya not to fall prey, she said, “I request you to tell the people of the state that if we accept the money of the BJP, Meghalaya will burn; I assure you because that is what they have done to neighboring Assam.”

Slamming Shah for accusing that the Mukul-led state government is the most corrupt government, the AIMC chief said, “But I want to say that if anybody has done the biggest scam in the country it is the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Rafale deal.”
Dev, who is also the MP from Silchar, also reminded Shah that he should have told the people of Meghalaya during his recent visit to the state that how is it that his own son in just a span of 3 years has become a multi-millionaire adding “he will have no answer to that”.
Lauding the present Congress-led state government, she said the government under the leadership of Mukul Sangma has given something which is precious and which the state never had in the past and that is - “peace, security and stability”.
According to her, other parties who were in the successive governments had failed to ensure stability in the state of Meghalaya.
She further alleged that the Shah with his troop and army of the RSS want Meghalaya and other North Eastern states like Tripura, Nagaland for only one reason because it knows that it is going to lose many Northern states in the next 2019 Lok Sabha elections.
They (BJP) believe that some 60-70 seats they are losing in North India and that they are going to recover those seats in Meghalaya, Nagaland, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and other states, Dev said.
Accusing the BJP of trying to divide the people of Meghalaya, she said, “One thing the BJP will do in Meghalaya, they will divide all of you and division among Christians and non-Christians. They will destroy the peace that the Congress has worked so hard for.”
Referring to a report by an international group – World Watch which indicated the security of the minorities in India are under threat, Dev said a priest in Madhya Pradesh was beaten up just because of singing Christmas carols saying that he is trying to convert people.
Taking a dig at the Prime Minister’s Gujarat Model, the AIMC chief said there is nothing such as a Gujarat Model.
“In fact unemployment is the highest in Gujarat, women security is in its poor condition, higher education is most expensive, there are no proper hospitals and that is the Gujarat Model Modi is telling the entire country,” she said adding “He (Modi) comes to Meghalaya and say he will made the state a model state? I want to tell the BJP people that it is the Mukul’s govt which has brought institutions like NEHU, IIM, NIFT here.”
Meanwhile, the AIMC president expressed confidence that the Congress will come back to power at the centre in 2019 by defeating the communal force.
 “We will fight till our last breath to keep the communal forces outside the country. And I assure you that in 2019 Congress is going to form the government in Delhi so I request the people of Meghalaya not to make blunder by giving in-road to a saffron and communal force like the BJP in Meghalaya,” she said.
Appealing to mahilas in the state to play a crucial role in the upcoming Assembly elections, Dev said if any party is against women empowerment it is the Narendra Modi’s government with its RSS mindset.
She said the RSS does not believe in women empowerment and the biggest example of that is the 33 per cent Women Reservation Bill which the Modi government despite having majority at the Centre has refused to give women reservation in parliament and assembly.
“But I am proud to say that Meghalaya government gives 25 per cent of women empowerment in the cabinet,” Dev added.
Stating that the peace of Assam has been destroyed by the BJP and that the same is going to happen to Meghalaya, the MP said the biggest threat to the security of the NE states is China and the Prime Minister’s foreign and defence policy has all failed.
 “He (Modi) has failed to protect NE states, he has made us vulnerable to China and the same man who went to Arunachal Pradesh and said I will dare China but today China is teaching Modi a lesson and the entire NE is in jeopardy,” Dev said while adding “A message should be sent from Meghalaya that do not play with us and our security and our sincerity.”


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