Rongmei in New Delhi, NCR hold Charuangc 2017

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IMPHAL, Nov 12: The Rongmei people staying in Delhi and National Capital Region (NCR) held their Charuangc 2017 on November 11, 2017 at Thyagraj Stadium, New Delhi. The function was graced by Gaikhangam, MLA, Manipur Legislative Assembly as the chief guest.
According to the organizers, Charuangc in Ruanglat (language of the Rongmei people) means “social gathering for a cause”. In the hectic life of metros, Charuangc was started in 2012 to provide a platform for the Rongmei people to come together, meet each other, interact with each other, know each other and build unity and build up community spirit.
Charuangc encourages socialization and enables the community members to hone their social etiquette. Exposure to charuangc, especially at the impressible stage of life, is vital towards building and instilling social and moral values. Such activities are also crucial for harnessing and sustaining important aspects of community life such as respect for and honour of fellow beings, the organisers of the event also said.

“We are witnessing society in constant change and fluidity. In the face of obscure transition, we consciously or unconsciously reject the traditional values of our culture in favour of the fast and popular culture. Our society was once proud of its unique culture that highly values the spirit of collectivism and community-centrism.” 
“We are witnessing a steady gravitation towards individualism where an individual’s aspiration is highly celebrated as opposed to the egalitarian collective achievement and well being. Personal achievement is certainly imperative in contributing to the greater good of the society. However, our values, ethos and purpose of life also need to be oriented towards and in tune with that of the society for the larger collective good,” the organisers said.
The organisers informed that Charuangc 2017 is based on games and sports. Eight houses named after the famous personalities, rivers, lakes and mountains in Rongmei areas viz. Meiriangh, Gayriammang, Khowduang, Kamningchyng, Kasuakcbut, Zeihlat, Alangh and Apinc competed with much sportsmanship and enthusiasm Football, Volley Ball, Track and Field events and traditional games like Gah Pinhmei, Tug-of-War, extreme sports and Dui Zumei. Kamningchyng House emerged as the Champion House. Children also had a joyful time racing, breaking the balloons, breaking the pots and jumping for chocolates.
T.T. Kabui, Charuangc Py blessed and extolled the Rongmei people to do well in life  and to be successful. Rev. Thomas Kahmei, Finance Secretary of Rongmei Phwam Delhi pronounced the blessing prayer for the freshers. Machunlung Kamei, Chairman of RPD, in his welcome speech extolled the Rongmei to encourage and support each other to make the community stronger, and to strive to become good leaders in various fields like politics, social, cultural, academics, bureaucracy and sports.
Rev. Kadimna Gangmei exhorted the young people on the need to be proud of one’s identity, to have realistic attainable motivation and to be disciplined. The chief guest gave an eloquent speech on the need to interact and network and to communicate. He said there are many teachers but very few to obey, everybody knows what is needed to be done but there are few doers.
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