Resident questions attendance delay in government offices

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Region

Staff Reporter
TURA, Oct 24: A resident of Tura, who visited three offices in the town, has once again raised the question of officials not coming to the office on time leading to many either waiting or going back empty handed despite travelling great distances for their work.
“We thought ‘Babudom’ in government offices would come to an end but it seems the officers and staff are least bothered by the directive sent by the state to pull up their socks. It was an absolute surprise to find that even at about 11:30 am this morning offices of the Water Resources, Urban Resources and the DI office saw no staff coming to the office to attend to people,” said Maxbirth G Momin, a social activist with AYC and resident of Tura.

The activist said he did not want to take photos of empty offices as it was a shame to even think that people paid so less heed to directions of the state government.
“Their (officials) not coming to the office is a huge loss to the people who make early morning journeys from far off places. It’s an absolute shame that some people are taking advantage of their positions and others are following suit,” said Momin, in a direct reference to high ranked officials not coming to the office on a regular basis.    
Earlier, various photos of closed offices on full working days along with pictures of people playing cards during office hours had led to the state government asking for regular attendance to be maintained though the same does not seem to have reached most offices.
“The state government should crack down on these kinds of people with such attitude. Government offices are meant to serve the people but from the way they behave it seems the people need to serve. This is absolutely atrocious,” said Momin.


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